Sunday, February 15, 2015

Long cold winter

It has been a long winter - or I am just getting older and they seem longer.  Today we have a high of about 13 degrees with very strong winds.  Doesn't deter the dogs though - guess it is good we have Leos.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dogs Days of Winter

Sira becomes a Champion
Milos turns 10 years old!  
Two major events for our 4 footed family members.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gone a week in winter - no heat - no freezing - a Testimonial to a bermed home

Testimonial for our bermed home in the Maine foothills - Closed it up on a Monday morning - no furnace - drapes pulled 1/2 way - temperatures ranged from the low 30's to single digits at night - and it snowed about 10-12 inches one day with wind - we returned in the middle of the night on the next Saturday - living room was 63 degrees and the back bedroom was 61.  Can anyone beat that?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Trip to Asheville

We met our long time friends and travelling companions in Asheville, NC for a wonderful short week of sight-seeing, reminiscing and dining in style.  Asheville is a very interesting city to visit with quite a mix of different cultures and places.

We spent a lot of the first day on touring the grounds and buildings of the Biltmore (Vanderbilt estate).  Found it to be quite interesting and it brought to life the episodes of Downton Abbey I have enjoyed.

The food scene is one not to be missed - the first night, we had a marvelous French dinner at an outside table - the Bouchon was very authentic and reminded us of our trips to Paris.  The next evening found us at the Mela Indian restaurant some wonderful dishes with just a bit of zing.  And we could not leave North Carololina without BBQ - the casual atmosphere and delicious plates of steaming BBQ with real southern sides was enjoy by everyone at Luella's BBQ.

Following all these great meals and tourist attractions, we returned to The Lion and the Rose, our BandB for the trip.  A beautifully restored 1898 residence located in the quiet residential neighborhood of Montford.  This Inn is extremely welcoming and the proprietors could not be more helpful and friendly.   I could not close without mentioning the coffee delivered to our door every morning followed by a fabulous breakfast (the waffles were to die for)!

The route home took us through peak leaf season in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and then home. Just a few pictures of the trip - I certainly would enjoy spending more time in Asheville!