Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fenced In

The fence is up and capable of holding the two "coyotes". Yippee!
Dave and I worked all day Saturday to get the front fence up and secure enough for two leonbergers. It was quite a chore in the rock of Maine. Nearly impossible to dig any hole. The entire project was put on hold while we dug up the front yard and put in yet another drainage system. There seems to be an underground drainage that goes right through the center and just never dried out. So, it was either cattails at the front door - or dig again.

Dave dug a trough, put down a perforated pipe, covered with stone, covered with that black cloth to keep dirt out and finally covered. It should help - but turned the entire front into a dust bowl. I mean, we have dust storms like the plains. And when it does rain -- mud dogs!