Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Adventures for an Old Dog

Today Sophie decided that 10 was not too old for a Leonberger Lady to have a new adventure and make new friends. I just wish her new friend had not been so prickly and that she had not made such a close friendship so quickly.

Yes, the Princess got a snout full of quills - and I got an emergency trip to the 24 hour pet clinic (which is over an hour away - sometimes living in the hills of Maine has pitfalls). I was so upset that I forgot to take a picture - and I hope there isn't a next time.

We were walking with Milos on leash and Sophie moseying along behind when the boy went into full alert and the lady headed for the woods over my direct command! It only lasted a minute until she was back on the path with a full nose of quills. Of course, she had no collar and Milos was going crazy and she wouldn't walk and when I yelled noone heard me and.....

I managed to get her back to the house. We got most of them removed (needle nose plyers - a must have) before I headed down the road. So she was not in much discomfort on the way - but nevertheless............

I worried as she has laryngeal paralysis symptoms and I feared they would need to sedate her, but luckily that was not the case. We managed without - and she is presently resting after a good dinner.
Just another day in the life of a big dog on a big lot with big plans. And I am exhausted!

Monday, May 25, 2009

In the Swing

The swinging grill is back in operation!  There is just nothing like grilled meat done over an open fire on a real swinging grill!  We started the tradition learning from our friends in the Hunsruck of Germany - and have "carried the pole" ever since.

Memorial Day 2009 marked our first swinging meal at the solar homestead.
A beautiful day and a great meal.  See the chef in action: 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Springing into Action

Wow - almost 6 weeks without a post. Things have been very hectic here in Maine as we move from winter to Spring, Mud and Summer - the black flies have appeared already.
Since the house is nearing completion - still some window trim and doors to install, there isn't as much to report or document. Our pantry is under construction - I'll post some shots when it is finished (goal of July).

Dave did get our oldest son involved with cleaning some brush - one of his first back-hoe experiences.

The latest project is a swinging grill pit - we have missed it so much since we moved. There is absolutely nothing like chicken marinated and then grilled on a wood fire while resting on a swing grill. We have the basics ready:

The other big project we are starting this summer is some "beautification" of the front yard. The plan is to install raised beds for small veggies and flowers, a picket fence and a small patio and entry way (natural stone or some man-made stone). We need to take care in design with the piles of snow in the winter. The material for raised beds is causing some consternation - what is best (natural, of course) but durable?

Any suggestions?