Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Ceiling's the Limit

The plan has always been to use tongue and groove on the ceiling above the dining / living / kitchen open area. As things progress, it has become obvious that this could make a spanse of wood that may not be exactly cosy. So, we decided to divide the kitchen off visually (I outlined with blue so you can see). Dave has mounted a frame for the divider. We plan on using a "beam" effect for this. He will build the 'box' and search for wrought iron to use over the sink 1/2 wall. I would like to find a "cut-out" of fruit or animals which would match the decor.
You can see the location of this visual divider in the picture.

Got the estimate back for the walk-in shower. There will be small tile on the floor with 6x6 on the walls. We have wavered back and forth on the ceiling - finally decided on the original plan of using wood (something water resistant of course) and wrapping it down the wall to the location where the wood meets the concrete. The tiler that we chose uses a water proofing method that sounds perfect. I will try to get some shots of his progress and the steps involved. Now we are just waiting for the final boxes of tile to arrive.

I love seeing the floors taking shape - but am getting anxious for my kitchen counter tops and some doors.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Patterns in Tile

Sunday afternoon with a few snow showers, but above freezing temps - nice day. Tiling is going on. Dave is working on the border around the Tulikivi and the main hallway to the bedrooms. Yesterday was spent cleaning up the foot of snow that dumped on top of what we still had - I was out with the dogs. I put the walk together in a movie which you can view on the new vlog (video blog). You will need to click the picture of dogs in snow - then a new window should open and it will take awhile for the movie to load. If you get a Q with a ?, your computer won't run it :(

I also changed our homepage - you may want to check that out just click Betts Places. There are new pictures in the Gallery of the tile, too. We have the grout ordered for the tile and a counter-top for the little stand in the back hall is in. When Dave has it finished, I'll take a shot of that, too. It is recycled from Wells (it came out when the dishwasher went in). Enjoy - Sharon

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sunday March 3, 2007

Took a walk in the new snow (on top of the old we are up to about 28 in. now). Click the two in the snow....