Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meters installed

Central Maine Power was here - we now have a double meter.  Top one measures what is coming in - bottom what is going out.

Yesterday was a nice sunny solar day - and as of midday we were producing 2660 Kwatts.  I can see how a person could become meter addicted, LOL.

Not really certain exactly how the meters do the calculations and measuring - but they do!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Solar Installation - Completed!

What a wonderful crew showed up yesterday morning from Revision Energy to install our system.  Very polite - neat - and capable group of 4 did a fabulous job!

We now have 18 photovoltaic panels (240 watt) on our roof!  It looks wonderful - just like the roof was built for them.   We have a Solectria PVI 5000 inverter. We also have a new highly efficient 58 gallon electric water heater.

This system is rated to produce approximately 4,715 KWhrs of power yearly which will offset 6,130 lbs. of Carbon Dioxide.  Final step will be to complete the grid tie - then we can send electricity your way....

Pictures of the day can be found in larger format if you prefer.  Large picture slideshow.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Solar Install - Day 1

Equipment was unloaded - staging constructed and the rails installed today.  Tomorrow they will attempt to finish the job.  We are replacing the water heater as well - wonder if they will finish.

The pictures are of preparation - the rails are mounted on the standing seams of the metal roof.  Oh, and the old water heater too.

Solar installation scheduled

We are scheduled for installation! Filled in all the contractual paperwork for net metering and got validation that we are approved for the state rebates. Stay tuned for pictures and more. I do not understand why building codes for all new homes do not take advantage of renewables. We live in Maine, remember! have no furnace in use and burn less than a cord of wood a season, no air conditioning, and soon only use fossil fuels for my cook top which is propane unless we decide to change it someday. The only thing that I still cringe over is my car, someday they will have a better choice there for us (hope I live that long). Our run around car does get about 40 mpg. I figure if I am going to talk the liberal talk, better be a good example...