Friday, February 26, 2010

Not Spring - Not Wiinter

This winter has avoided Maine for the most part - the heavy storms have all gone out to sea after playing havok with our neighbors to the south.  I have read commentary about "this is global warming" in heavily sarcastic tones from the residents of the Atlantic coast.  I just reply, yep - it is climate change.

This latest wave has made one ugly mess out of the foothills.  Many are without power due to the rain laden snow and others just slogging through the slush.  The mountains have received many inches (feet) though which is great for the skiers and snowboarders.  :)

We have been through about 7 inches of snow - followed by a couple inches of slush - then just a little rain - back to a couple more inches of snow overnight - then into the rain/sleet - and on - and on - and on.  Here was the look this morning - sheets of ice on our roof - and dirty snow around the mailbox.

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Just takes some training and LOVE

If this one doesn't touch you -
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