Tuesday, February 28, 2006


We are going to document the progress as we build our passive solar bermed home in Industry, Maine. How did we get here? In November of 2005 I took a job in Turner, Maine -- about 1/5 hours north of our home in Wells.

The plan? to sell our present home and downsize to a place closer to both my new job and our retirement lot. After searching for just the right location, we came to the conclusion that we should jump right in and start our retirement home now. It isn't easy to find the perfect downsize for two humans and two Leonbergers. So, we decided to skip a step and go directly to the lot. We have owned it for several years. You can see pictures of the lot and garage (which we built last summer) in the Gallery under Industry.

Come back often and see the progress and share the adventure.

And the journey begins.

Sharon and Dave