Sunday, January 20, 2008

Updates on Perfect Passive Solar Day

Since the berm construction is pretty well complete for the house and the detached garage only needs a ceiling and insulation, I haven't posted much lately. But today is just too good to pass up. It is 12 degrees outside with the sun shining - our house is around 75-78 inside with no heat . smile.

Work on the interior is progressing also. We are finishing the ceilings followed by the woodwork. Nearly all of the ceilings are tongue and groove - which means some sanding, staining and poly before putting them up. Since I am still working, the actually hammering is only on weekends. Even at that, we finished the study and are now working on the dining room.
Floors will break the monotony of ceilings. There are still quite a few concrete floors - which although utilitarian, are not very attractive. The tile is ordered for the study and should arrive in the next week or so. We have picked all the others out -some slate and some tile.

I plan on posting more information about "rural Maine living" as Spring approaches - and promise more updates on the finishing touches of the house.
More pictures of everything at our Gallery.