Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer 2011 List

The summer lists are always long (and the Maine summers short).  Three of our top priorities are checked off for this year -

1 - Take a vacation - had a great trip with friends to Montreal.  We discovered that once we leave our drive there is only one big-town between us and Montreal (Sherbrooke, Quebec) - guess I never looked at the map, ha.  Next time it is Quebec City - nothing between us and them and that is the way we love to travel.

2 - Clean up the old animal watering hole near the road end of the driveway.  It ended up being a lot deeper than we thought as the bottom was full of dropped limbs, trees and weeds.  All cleaned up and evened out.  And the good news - the frogs have moved back in already.

3 - remove the stone retaining wall and make a short-cut drive between our house and the back garage.  The snow-removal equipment is all stored back there.  When we have a couple of feet of new snow, it is a real bear trying to get around the present driveway.  This should "ease the pain". 

4 - Enjoy the sunsets

Let's see ---  what's next..............