Monday, April 24, 2006

News on the Lot

Today they were to set poles for the electric, phone and cable hookups. We hope to eventually have a grid-tied system (These systems are designed to sell power back to the utility company. Since there are no batteries they will only operate when utility power is available. These systems will offset your utility usage. With the correct size system it will earn you a credit during the day that you would consume at night. ) and are purchasing the appliances and connections (i.e. wellpump) for such a system. But with the pressure to have a livable house by cold weather return, we decided to start on grid.

The well pump is in (I forgot its brand) and Dave is working on bleaching it and pumping it for the testing. Keep your fingers crossed. Last week, we got the driveway topped off and it is much smoother for now. At least until the construction crews start to use it. So, things are moving. Stay tuned for pictures.


A Wet Win

Back from the Trilogy (three Region Leonberger Show) held at Monmouth Battlefield Park near Freehold, NJ. Although the weather was -- well, rainy -- we had a great time. The hotel was great and very welcoming to all those BIG dogs. And the show site, the site of the longest battle of the American Revolution. It was so wet and I had my hands full with a teenager who is sure he must prove himself to all other "boys", that I didn't get any pictures. I have put out a plea to others and hopefully someone will send me some links. You can see Milos in the Gallery, but no show pictures yet.

Milos had a ball -- he was awarded the Best Youth Male on both days. Although he didn't place in the Winners competition (winning males from all classes), it gave him a big head to be in the ring with the likes of Lui and Cyrus.
The trip home around NYC (hope for a better site next time) was ugly with rain and two accidents to creep through. It took me about 10 hours. But we are home, dry and actually have a day of work behind me.
Now, it is time to prepare for the GLLC Regional next weekend. A direct quote from their webpage: Weather permitting the show will be held outdoors. If not, show will be held indoors. Therefore, the weather will not be a factor, but you need to bring your own chairs! It is in Frankenmuth, MI and I plan a short visit with my mother and a 15 minute stop with Milos' breeder, Cherrywood Kennel's Ann.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Going to the Dogs

I'm going to be gone a lot the next two weeks. Taking a break from house researching and doing some dog shows. We hope to show Milos and at 16 months, he needs some exposure to the ring. There are two shows coming up for leonbergers: the NRLC is hosting a tri-regional in NJ and the GLLC has one scheduled in Frankenmuth, MI. So, we are "on the road". It should prove to be interesting as both Milos and I are real novices -- and he isn't very happy with other boys when they get too close. I'll post a synopsis after the fact.
As for house plans, we settled on a final kitchen/pantry design this weekend. If Dave draws it out, I will try to scan in the details next week. Also, we think we have a final design on the Tulikivi (our designer, Tulikivi in Finland, Masonry Stoves). Planning on a 30" bench connecting it to the chimney for a good back warming location. Strangely enough, one of the hardest things to get settled is the fencing situation for the dogs. It isn't easy to find a 6 foot fence -- we did lay out the area that we hope to include last weekend between rain showers. I have a call in for an estimate and several other companies to contact tomorrow. Hopefully, as the months progress, we will actually have pictures of all this planning coming to fruition.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Plan

We now have the main draft of our floorplan!! There are still a few changes, but overall this looks like the one.
  • the slight turn in the garage which we added due to the placement of the driveway and the south facing doors.
  • the masonry stove location (see Blog entry for March 7) in the center of the living area
  • the very large pantry area
  • two nice bedrooms and two baths -- planning solatubes in both of those.
  • The odd shaped room will be our study -- we are lucky to discover there is actually cable internet on our road.
  • Berming is all around the 3 sides and windows completely along the south (front).
Click the picture to make it larger.
Questions? Post a comment.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Since my commute is lengthening from 5 miles to 35+miles, I decided I needed something more energy efficient than the Safari. After doing a lot of web research and general looking, I settled on a Civic. Afterall, what is good for my boys must be good for me, right guys?

So here it is -- still on the lot, but due to be delivered tomorrow to my place of work. It is a CIVIC LX 5 speed manual (because of better control on slushy streets -- I have never liked the automatic AWD van as you have no way to prepare the car for slipperyness). Only a 2 door -- who rides with me anyway??
I wanted Cobalt Blue, but Silver was available. And it is kinda pretty.

Of course, no room for the furry ones -- so, we are keeping the van for trips with them. I ended up with an extended warranty which I think is worthwhile -- what do the rest of you Civic drivers think?

Tomorrow it makes its first trek to the lot where it will also get its first dose of mud -- but not the last for certain. We have had a really ugly week, but the forecast is for better weather starting Saturday midday. The fencing search is in full swing. It seems that a moose wandered through the "yard" directly behind the garage and Milos was intent on following the tracks/scent. Dave said there is nothing like standing outside at 5:30 am in the misty/fog and yelling at a determined young hound who absolutely thinks moose smell much better than breakfast. But, he (Milos) did come back and ended up on a very short rein the rest of the day.
Fence is one of the biggest priorities.

The contractor (Ken) probably will finish up the drawings this weekend and I may be able to get a copy to post here. Keep in touch.