Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Plan

We now have the main draft of our floorplan!! There are still a few changes, but overall this looks like the one.
  • the slight turn in the garage which we added due to the placement of the driveway and the south facing doors.
  • the masonry stove location (see Blog entry for March 7) in the center of the living area
  • the very large pantry area
  • two nice bedrooms and two baths -- planning solatubes in both of those.
  • The odd shaped room will be our study -- we are lucky to discover there is actually cable internet on our road.
  • Berming is all around the 3 sides and windows completely along the south (front).
Click the picture to make it larger.
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Chris said...

Very nice design! Looking forward to reading the rest of your site...