Monday, April 24, 2006

A Wet Win

Back from the Trilogy (three Region Leonberger Show) held at Monmouth Battlefield Park near Freehold, NJ. Although the weather was -- well, rainy -- we had a great time. The hotel was great and very welcoming to all those BIG dogs. And the show site, the site of the longest battle of the American Revolution. It was so wet and I had my hands full with a teenager who is sure he must prove himself to all other "boys", that I didn't get any pictures. I have put out a plea to others and hopefully someone will send me some links. You can see Milos in the Gallery, but no show pictures yet.

Milos had a ball -- he was awarded the Best Youth Male on both days. Although he didn't place in the Winners competition (winning males from all classes), it gave him a big head to be in the ring with the likes of Lui and Cyrus.
The trip home around NYC (hope for a better site next time) was ugly with rain and two accidents to creep through. It took me about 10 hours. But we are home, dry and actually have a day of work behind me.
Now, it is time to prepare for the GLLC Regional next weekend. A direct quote from their webpage: Weather permitting the show will be held outdoors. If not, show will be held indoors. Therefore, the weather will not be a factor, but you need to bring your own chairs! It is in Frankenmuth, MI and I plan a short visit with my mother and a 15 minute stop with Milos' breeder, Cherrywood Kennel's Ann.

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ryan said...

Congrats to Milos -- I'm happy he travelled well and let other dogs in the ring :-)

Banjo is learning how to "crawl" these days... and has a lot more interest in food now that she's off the apparently tasteless puppy chow.