Monday, April 24, 2006

News on the Lot

Today they were to set poles for the electric, phone and cable hookups. We hope to eventually have a grid-tied system (These systems are designed to sell power back to the utility company. Since there are no batteries they will only operate when utility power is available. These systems will offset your utility usage. With the correct size system it will earn you a credit during the day that you would consume at night. ) and are purchasing the appliances and connections (i.e. wellpump) for such a system. But with the pressure to have a livable house by cold weather return, we decided to start on grid.

The well pump is in (I forgot its brand) and Dave is working on bleaching it and pumping it for the testing. Keep your fingers crossed. Last week, we got the driveway topped off and it is much smoother for now. At least until the construction crews start to use it. So, things are moving. Stay tuned for pictures.


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