Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Going to the Dogs

I'm going to be gone a lot the next two weeks. Taking a break from house researching and doing some dog shows. We hope to show Milos and at 16 months, he needs some exposure to the ring. There are two shows coming up for leonbergers: the NRLC is hosting a tri-regional in NJ and the GLLC has one scheduled in Frankenmuth, MI. So, we are "on the road". It should prove to be interesting as both Milos and I are real novices -- and he isn't very happy with other boys when they get too close. I'll post a synopsis after the fact.
As for house plans, we settled on a final kitchen/pantry design this weekend. If Dave draws it out, I will try to scan in the details next week. Also, we think we have a final design on the Tulikivi (our designer, Tulikivi in Finland, Masonry Stoves). Planning on a 30" bench connecting it to the chimney for a good back warming location. Strangely enough, one of the hardest things to get settled is the fencing situation for the dogs. It isn't easy to find a 6 foot fence -- we did lay out the area that we hope to include last weekend between rain showers. I have a call in for an estimate and several other companies to contact tomorrow. Hopefully, as the months progress, we will actually have pictures of all this planning coming to fruition.


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Robyn said...

All very exciting news! Good luck to you and Milos in Michigan and about. His stunning good looks will surely earn a ribbon or two, no? :-)