Thursday, April 06, 2006


Since my commute is lengthening from 5 miles to 35+miles, I decided I needed something more energy efficient than the Safari. After doing a lot of web research and general looking, I settled on a Civic. Afterall, what is good for my boys must be good for me, right guys?

So here it is -- still on the lot, but due to be delivered tomorrow to my place of work. It is a CIVIC LX 5 speed manual (because of better control on slushy streets -- I have never liked the automatic AWD van as you have no way to prepare the car for slipperyness). Only a 2 door -- who rides with me anyway??
I wanted Cobalt Blue, but Silver was available. And it is kinda pretty.

Of course, no room for the furry ones -- so, we are keeping the van for trips with them. I ended up with an extended warranty which I think is worthwhile -- what do the rest of you Civic drivers think?

Tomorrow it makes its first trek to the lot where it will also get its first dose of mud -- but not the last for certain. We have had a really ugly week, but the forecast is for better weather starting Saturday midday. The fencing search is in full swing. It seems that a moose wandered through the "yard" directly behind the garage and Milos was intent on following the tracks/scent. Dave said there is nothing like standing outside at 5:30 am in the misty/fog and yelling at a determined young hound who absolutely thinks moose smell much better than breakfast. But, he (Milos) did come back and ended up on a very short rein the rest of the day.
Fence is one of the biggest priorities.

The contractor (Ken) probably will finish up the drawings this weekend and I may be able to get a copy to post here. Keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice -- I think that's a good choice. Our fencing estimates are in; we need to place our orders. We can be fence mates :-)

Go Sox!

Anonymous said...

I like your choice! You will have to adjust to the size difference probably, but civic's get amazing mileage. Bring on summer!


Sharon said...

Thanks to both of my progeny. I love my Civic and on the first fill up it got 45 mpg. Yippee -- makes the $2.80 / gallon look a little easier to take.