Monday, March 27, 2006

From house to trailer

All went well and we are now homeless (as David says). The closing went smoothly and we picked up the 29 foot trailer. Things are a bit muddy and it is still pretty cold, but the trailer is now in place (after a lot of frost heaves from Auburn to Industry).

We hooked up the generator and moved the necessities into the drawers. The dogs are quite confused, but very interested in the smells and roaming area. As a matter of fact, that can be a problem until we get a fence up. They spent the first night in the garage -- Milos managed to find a jug of liquid plant food -- which ended up all over his nicely made bed. He must have just played with it as he had no side effects. So, Sunday we moved a kennel (which was already there) into the garage and they now have a safe secure place to stay -- or a jail. Hopefully, that will help Dave to stay sane.

The furniture was due to arrive today, but I had to come back to work. I plan on a visit tomorrow. I will try to remember the camera and snap a picture of it all stacked in the garage.
Keep your fingers crossed for an early Spring here in the northeast. I have started an album for summer / construction pics. There are only 2 shots there now, but it should grow over the next few months. You can see it here:

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Ryan said...

Ha... well .. good to see all are smiling and that the trailer holds the three of 'em!

If the trailer made it down the lane, I assume the furniture will avoid any sink holes.