Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Carpet and Wood - not my floors!!

Carpets and Wood? Not us

Floors and Walls in a concrete house, hmmmmm....
I have been researching different types of floors which look good but don't deter from the concept of thermal mass . It would pretty crazy to have a wall of south facing windows and then cover the mass with carpets. And (as anyone who has visited us knows, owning two 100+ pound dogs doesn't go well with carpet anyway).

So, ever heard of Acid etched concrete?
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Acid stains are made from hydrochloric acid, wetting agents and metallic ions. The stain chemically combines with the concrete to form great colors.

Slate and natural stone?
Being a natural at heart, these are probably my favorites. We have slate under our present wood stove and it has been great. I have read that it should be sealed, but takes very little maintenance. There are many colors and shapes to choose from, too.

Anyone have other ideas? Let me know...

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