Monday, March 20, 2006

The countdown

Wow - it was a busy weekend as Dave and I packed up boxes and prepared for the Friday closing. Ryan and Robyn came by and stuffed her Subaru -- they plan on being back sometime this week to re-fill it. Micah was there to say hi. He got his stuff earlier-- he is presently sharing a house with an old friend and they took some of the excess furniture. It is too bad that we will be moving further away from them; I hope they make the trek up to see us (at least occassionally).

Today, both Dave and I were on the lot, but not together (that seems to be the status lately). Things are looking good there and drying out daily. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for the weather this Spring.

No pictures today -- but I will post a few of the "summer-house" after we park it on the lot. 4 days to closing............

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