Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Boxing and Planning

Closing is now set on our Wells house. David has been busy setting up appointments with the General Contractor, the electric company, etc. And then there is the challenge of a final floor plan. We can easily design the perfect plan, but unless we win Power Ball.... Well. Anyway, we have one that has been given to our contractor for an estimate. I will put a copy of it here as soon as I can sketch it out. It holds true to our berms on 3 sides, south windows and 2 bedrooms. I managed to get my dream Tulikivi stove included (at least in this draft). If you don't know about Tulikivi, (TWO-lee-KEE-vee) soapstone fireplaces and ovens, check out: http://www.mainemasonrystove.com/ This distributor is only a few miles from where I am working and I visited them a few weeks ago. The warmth of that soapstone and beauty of the unit completely won me over. And since you can bake a pizza in 4 minutes in the oven, made it even more desirable.

So, we are packing and shuffling -- look for the plan here soon. Sharon

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