Sunday, May 17, 2009

Springing into Action

Wow - almost 6 weeks without a post. Things have been very hectic here in Maine as we move from winter to Spring, Mud and Summer - the black flies have appeared already.
Since the house is nearing completion - still some window trim and doors to install, there isn't as much to report or document. Our pantry is under construction - I'll post some shots when it is finished (goal of July).

Dave did get our oldest son involved with cleaning some brush - one of his first back-hoe experiences.

The latest project is a swinging grill pit - we have missed it so much since we moved. There is absolutely nothing like chicken marinated and then grilled on a wood fire while resting on a swing grill. We have the basics ready:

The other big project we are starting this summer is some "beautification" of the front yard. The plan is to install raised beds for small veggies and flowers, a picket fence and a small patio and entry way (natural stone or some man-made stone). We need to take care in design with the piles of snow in the winter. The material for raised beds is causing some consternation - what is best (natural, of course) but durable?

Any suggestions?

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