Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Holidays

Holidays are upon us quickly in 2006. There aren't many cards leaving the Betts house this year - every year it seems to be less and less. I changed jobs last December (same type of technology work K-12 just further north in Maine). I am enjoying this new district, but the job is more than busy as my colleague is undergoing back surgery to repair the results of a previous surgery last July. (no comment on the medical system). Happily, the family is all well. If you are reading this, you know David and I have moved to Industry, Maine - nearer the middle of the state. We have been building our dream energy efficient home since summer and documenting it in this blog. The Betts Berm became livable just in time to escape the Maine winters - although it will be a while until it is complete (if you can ever say your house is complete).
The boys are fine and involved with their lives. Ryan and his wife, Robyn, are presently in Portugal for a short vacation with some friends. They plan on stopping in Germany to visit our old haunts and to see some of Robyn's family (her mother is German) on their way home. During their trip, we are dog-sitting Banjo, their labradoodle. She and our youngest leonberger, Milos, are close buddies and tend to get into a bit of mischief daily. Micah is getting ready to experience his internship before finishing up in Medical Technology. All three plan to visit us at Christmas. The lack of flooring and finished bedrooms make it a little difficult for extended stays. They don't seem to mind a few nights in the sleeping bags.
David is deep into finishing - he has tiled the laundry, kitchen and bathroom floors. I never know what to expect when I come home - Yesterday, he was doing some wallboard work. Most of our wallboard is eventually going to be covered with tongue and groove - but there are a few places that we will just prepare and paint.
Changing jobs, moving and building made 2006 an intense year with little time for breaks. I did take a few jaunts with Milos to show him at Leonberger Specialties. I enjoy the people and the dogs even if I'm not really a dogshow type gal. In August, we visited Ohio for David's mothers 80th birthday. My mom also turns 80 on December 28th - they are both doing very well. We just wish it wasn't quite such a long trip between Maine and Ohio.
We hope that life is good to all of you and wish everyone a happy and peaceful 2007. You will find pictures in our Gallery - if you have a website, please send your URL (or put it in a comment here). We would love to visit it. Ho Ho Ho, Sharon and David

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