Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cedar for the smell

It has been a long time since my last post - I am participating in an online "group" with over 200 other educators around the world. Becoming a "Webhead". I know you all think I earned that title about 5 blogs ago, but I am always trying to learn ways to improve and use my skills in my job. The house is looking more and more like a home. David has been busy in the walk-in closet. He is siding a wall with aromatic red cedar. I have always thought that cedar was the best way to keep your clothes nice - and it makes the house smells fresh too. This closet also has a natural slate floor. We used mottled purple and it is my favorite color so far.

The weather has been very very cold the last 2 weeks - temperatures never getting above freezing and near 0 degrees Fahrenheit at night - that's about negative 16 degrees Centigrade! But, the furnace still doesn't run with only one firing of the masonry stove. We still hit the low 80's and have to run around in t-shirts and shorts when the sun shines. The only improvement would be to add solar hot water which we may do in the future. We would both like to say good-bye to propane.

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