Sunday, April 13, 2008

Top to Bottom

Ceilings are done - as posted earlier (still a little trim to go). So, down to the final floors with the dining - living next. The border has been done for a long while and we planned on filling in the main portion with that same tile. A polished brown separates the border from the floor. Last week we painted with a dark blue - this week the tile is taking shape.

Don't know if I blogged about our TV's mishap. While working in the living room a couple of weeks ago, the TV slid off its stand and didn't survive. Yesterday we joined the new generation and purchased a new LCD HDTV - went with Samsung 650 model. Had to add a Blue-Ray player and rush home to plug it in. We need to trim the wall and then mount. Such a great idea to have all the cords inside the TV wall.

The April snow is going away slowly - Spring must be coming (immediately after mud-season).

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