Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ready to burn

It's done - we have the wood ready for this winter and next (actually starting the stock for 2010-11.
There is this winters pile - about 2 cords split and stacked in the attached garage - ready to burn in the Tulikivi (thank goodness for it, and its clean wood-saving burn).
We should make it through the winter with this - way less than 2 cords - and no furnace. We only supplement the back shower room with a boost from the electric heater occasionally before morning showers.

Stored in the back garage to finish drying over this winter. Dave built two woodbins that sit by the south facing windows. Using the solar design as a winter drying facility. Yet another use for the sun and our berms.

And outside is the beginning of the next pile - quite a system.

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