Sunday, February 08, 2009

2 Leonbergers -more than twice the fun

A dog post.
Tomorrow, my female leonberger turns 10!  See Sophie's page.

Why is this important? Because giant breed dogs age quickly - she is in her mid-70's human years according to many "experts".  I brought her home in the cabin of a United flight from Cleveland, OH to Portland, ME ten years ago.  She was so quiet in her carrier (all 18 pounds of her), that many didn't even know there was a puppy on the plane.  Since that day, she has stolen our hearts (see tribute on above page).  Just wanted to say "Happy Birthday".

We also have a 4 year old male - Milos's page.
He is a lover and takes very good care of his "Queen".  We celebrated his birthday at the end of December.

If you have pets,  give them hugs tonight and remember they depend on you!

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