Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pantry - day 2

Larry, the cabinet guru, arrived around 8 am and set to work on the pantry. It isn't easy to get everything level and mounted in a concrete house. But, he did a marvelous job. From the first placement of an upper cabinet for measurement through mounting the doors and finally the hardware, it all went smoothly.

The glass inserts in the top doors came out even better than we anticipated. You can see what is behind them, but it is not as obvious as clear panes would be - just subtle hints of the goodies that lie behind.

We used the same hardware as is in the kitchen which, along with the hickory, ties the two together nicely.

The two end cabinets (wine rack, waste-can and dogfood bin) will have slate tops to match the counter in the kitchen. Those will need to be ordered now that we can make the templates.

Day 3 - finish the regular kitchen (faux top covering the rangehood pipe and trim around the hanging wall). I'll post final pictures then.

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robyn said...

It looks lovely so far! Can't wait to see final pictures.