Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Boy Toys

Spring has sprung in Maine and thoughts are on gardens and woods!  The first starts are up in the back garage (love those south windows) and I had fresh asparagus on my salad yesterday!  Sure hope the weather is better this year than last and we get more from the garden.

We have been busy filling the garage with more tools (or Big Boy Toys as I call them).  After you live on a piece of land for a few years, it becomes evident some of the things that really would help in maintaining your investment.  Where there are trees, there is always windfalls - and when you make firewood, there are branches.  Since I hate to "move brush" and sawing everything is really tedious as well as hard on David's back - we have invested in both a lift and a shredder.  The lift is in action today moving some old trees, so I took an action shot.  The shredder has yet to be "taken to the woods".  But when it is, I will get some shots of it also.

In the middle of the winter each year, we talk about an easier (and better) method for moving snow.  When the sun shines, the freezing winds and icy hands are forgotten - but this year we took the plunge.  A new snow blower sits in the garage also.  Obviously, there won't be any action pics of that for awhile (quite awhile, we hope).

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