Thursday, September 09, 2010

Book Review - One Good Dog

Book Review
One Good Dog by Susan Wilson
first printed in March 2010

This is another of those audio books that kept me in the parking lots before work - bringing me late to my desk.  From the clever twist at the beginning to the predictable but satisfying last sentence, I was hooked. The alternating readers (from the human view and then from the dog) may seem cheezy - but, it the effect brings deeper meaning into the bond that grows between these two as they struggle for a better life.  It touched my heart.

Your emotions will run the gambit - from chuckles to tears.  This is a great listen for anyone. I give it a 5.
In addition, you might want to read the short blurb by the author:   How, in Writing One Goood dog, I Inadvertently Became a Pit Bull Advocate.

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