Friday, March 09, 2012

Today I visited my previous school district and took Sira (of course). We started at the Central Office where the staff ooed and aahed- loved took pictures and generally went crazy over the girl. She was the little Princess. On to the technology office and 3 men - again, she took the show and met several High School students and teachers on the way - loved them all!

Then we went to the Elementary school - same routine with one BIG caveat - an entire classroom of 4th graders all on the floor and Sira basking in the middle - not overwhelmed at all and going full throttle! I was so proud! The teacher took some pictures on her phone, I hope she sends me at least one.

Back to the Middle School where she met a couple of students from the Life Skills program and lots of teachers and staff - Center of attention!

WOW! I see big time therapy coming up. What a day! and they are to have us come back soon.

Thank you to all my friends at MSAD#52 - I miss you guys!

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