Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Plumbing and insulation

The concrete forms on the walls are finally gone. Today, the plumber worked (along with Dave and Ken, the general contractor). Having a concrete floor and walls means alot of planning and a slab full of "stuff". We have decided on the drainage now -- they cast 'weep' drains into the frost wall and will have a perimeter system carrying away any accumlating water. The excavator said today that it is actually possible the water will find another way over the years and become completly dry. Dave is also putting a back-up sump pump system in just in case. Those years of waking up to floating shoes and socks when he was a teen ager in Bowling Green, Ohio certainly taught him to be careful.
I will try to get a few pictures of the inside of the walls tomorrow night - although I have an appointment with the cabinet maker to finalize the kitchen (much more fun that pipes and drains).
And there is more good news -- we finally have a working phone. We had a two phone system in our previous house and it works here. The base unit is in the garage and the extension sitting in the trailer -- I just talked to my mother and it worked great. I'm excited. Internet and phone - what's next? The dogs are having a great time watching the construction project. Milos is quite impressed with the speed of earth moving going on.

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