Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday - June 25, 06 update

Beautiful day with daisies blooming everywhere, mosquitoes singing in the woods, sun shining and a slight breeze. Dave has the plumbing runs covered and is working on evening out the drainage area in front of the frost wall. The general contractor is on a short vacation until after July 4th - so, plumbing is about all that will be worked on. No new pictures.
I took the dogs on a long hike this morning - noticed ATV tracks along some of our paths. We don't care if they use our main trail to pass through our lot as it has been a major thoroughfare for neighbors a long time before we arrived. We don't want to make an ATV park though and may post some "friendly" signs here and there. The animals are our biggest concern - moose, beaver, deer, hare, skunks, porcupine, turkeys, quail, coyote, and even a possibility of black bear are just a few that we share the area with - and we want to keep them as natural as possible. Last week, I even saw a turtle on the main log landing. It is the time of year that the females move around. Two weeks ago it was a beaver that came face to face with us at the old bog. That was a young male trying to find his new home. I wonder where he ended up? We also have run into quite alot of deer and scat from lots of other animals, but I haven't yet seen a moose. They leave tracks everywhere -- Dave had one come directly through the lot while both dogs were out. He said Sophie headed for the trailer and Milos wanted to chase it -- he had both their collars and was nearly pulled in two. Wish I could have seen that one.
So, everything is as it should be on the homestead.
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