Monday, July 31, 2006

45 yards later

The trucks started rolling in around 8:30 today - and 45 yards of concrete later, we have a floor. The house is completed, but they plan on pouring the attached garage floor on Thursday. We ended up going with 8 inches due to the need to cover all the paraphanalia that is incorportated into this slab.
Stone, 2 sheets of black plastic, 2 layers of styrofoam, rebar (on 2 inch chairs), the PEX tubing -- and then we placed styrofoam around the concrete walls to separate the floor from them and thus deter heat loss.
The pour went well - the last load was a bit wet, and the concrete crew is presently working to make certain that ends up the way we want it. Dave was in the middle of the job allong with 5 others.
The garage siding (on the detached building) was also making major steps today and is nearly completed -- gray siding with white trim. All are documented in our Gallery. It was great to be home and see all the progress. I still can't believe we are on the move. As a matter of fact, the contractor left to order some lumber and we should see a start on the south wall framing next week.
Progress is sweet.

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