Monday, July 24, 2006


Long time - no postings. We had a delay with the progress on the slab the last week or so. Finally, Dave ended up laying the rebar himself (with the help of a neighbor teenager). Today, we had the heating contractors and they have the radiant heating tubes (PEX tubing) nearly finished. I meant to put a link on the previous post for information on the Slab-Shield we used. But forgot so check out this site if you are interested. We read alot on radiant heat and PEX was most accepted as the best material for the slab. Cross-linked Polyethylene.
There are a few more pictures in the Gallery - and check out Dave's wall.

So, now if we can just get the rebar chairs to lift the rebar above the slab shield, we can POUR THE FLOOR!!! Stay tuned.

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