Friday, November 02, 2007

Passive Solar 1; Propane 0

Its November. The leaves have all dropped and we still have not needed any heat - as a matter of fact, I have had to open the window at night.

We have had nights below freezing, but enough sun during the day to warm everything up above 75 degrees. Dave did cut enough wood for the winter (it is in the garage) and the pile for next year is started too. But, so far no need. I am actually getting the urge to light the Tulikivi - but it has been too warm in here. Gotta love the sun.

With these shorter days comes thoughts of starting inside house finishing again. First on the agenda -- wood ceilings in the study and living / dining room. I also want to get that final kitchen cabinet made and hung now that we have a design. Then a little paint - and on to the tile floors that are still concrete. Time changes tomorrow night - that makes it dark during the evening news (or before). Ugh.

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