Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lights, Gardens and Dogs

Memorial Day weekend 2008 - the weather is great and we are spending some time outside before starting up the grill. The boys are coming later in the week for a couple of days, but the weekend is just us (and the dogs). As you can see, we got some bales of hay, manure and also loam to help boost our gardening. Dave is busy putting it all together.

Inside we now have the tile all finished in the living/dining area and the lights and fan are installed. So, it can get dark and warm - ha.
There are more shots of Hubbardton Forge lights in the Gallery.

The dogs are also enjoying this great weather - except for the black flies which are battling even the strong breeze today. It is hard to believe they are 9 and 3 already.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend - and during this time of war, remembers its real meanings.

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