Sunday, May 04, 2008

Passive Solar Works - Build a Fire!

Its a rainy Spring day in Maine! The temperature is 30 degrees higher than the sunny day I blogged about no heat last January. What little sun we have today only comes into the house about a foot inside the southern windows. Due to the height of the sun, the berming and the depth of the overhang, it all works to keep summer heat out. Last winter, we had rays bouncing off the back living room wall (18 feet into the room). Being a fringe season (Spring, Fall and Mud), we are cool and actually started a fire in the Tulikivi. Not a problem, as we didn't use as much wood as we had estimated and there is still some stacked in the attached garage. Rather burn it than have to carry it back outside. That will keep the house around 70 - very comfy.

Another success is the tile flooring. It is nearing completion, too. Not only do they serve as heat storage during the winter and remain cool to the touch throughout the summer, during these rainy days it is easy to mop the puddles left by 245 pounds of wet double coated dogs! Doesn't do much for the perfume of wet fur - but is certainly easy to sop up.
I highly recommend it to anyone with 4 legged pets.

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