Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 - Berry Berry Full Summer

As I munched on yet another bowl of luscious blackberry and black rasberry mix, I realized just how abundant the summer fruit this has been. 
How to rate the summer?
Here are the top 8 ways to know it is a good berry year:
  1. You ignore those less than an inch long
  2. Your dog ignores those less than an inch long
  3. You pick you breakfast every day
  4. All the animal droppings are full of seed and have a tint of purple
  5. You have to quit freezing them so you have a corner left for some corn
  6. You have scratches all over your hands and arms
  7. Your walks take you three times as long as usual
  8. You chuckle everytime you drive by the $4 / pint signs on your way home

And  today I noticed the elderberries are getting ripe.

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