Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elderberry weekend

This weekend we spent working on the wild elderberries on the lot.  Its been two years since we last preserved these tasty fruits. It has been a great year for all sorts of berries and the tiny elders are no exception.  Saturday, David trekked to the bush - and brought home lots of snipped clusters. 

We spent all afternoon removing the tiny berries from the tender vines and sorting them into 2 pound bags.  In the end, there were 17 pounds of fruit.  I stored 4 pounds in the fridge for Sunday and put the other 13 into the freezer for this winter.

After breakfast on Sunday, I transferred the fruit into elderberry syrup (recipe on my RecipeBoxMemory Blog).

This was our first attempt at using the press - and it extracted every last bit of liquid from the softened berries.

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Ryan said...

That looks great! I love the berm - recipe blog union here :-)

Anonymous said...

I think that press is called a sausage stuffer by most. So if you got a meat grinder and a smoke house, you could make your own sasuage too. That's a quality sausage stuffer to boot!

Mrs. Betts said...

Yes sir - we have the grinder :)
but I am much more into the fruit and veggie side personally.