Saturday, September 02, 2006

Adventures with 2 Leos in the Maine Woods

Episode 5 -
A beautiful evening with a crescent moon and a sky full of stars. Dave is off to town for groceries, I am reading my favorite weblogs and the dogs are resting peacefully on the floor beside me - a cool breeze wafts in the screen door.
A twitch of a nose and a flip of an ear - out through the screen and down the lane after an intruder. We are off on another Milos adventure - What will it be I wonder as I scramble into my shoes, grab the leashes and flashlight and join the chase. There are so many options (and not many welcome):
Our friend, Porcy (episode 1); the ever present deer (episode 2); Feisty Fox or Mangy Moose (episode 3) - probably not the quail or turkeys (episode 4) as they usually sleep at night. Which is something good leonbergers should do also.
Perhaps a new neighbor. The roofer had a black bear run across in front of him on Wednesday am just down the road, not so sure I want to greet him in the trees; there is that skunk that leaves a hint of his presence every week or so on the wind, I know I don't want to meet him in the trees.

By this time I can hear the chase in the brush - thank goodness it isn't wet and there are few briars this time. Into the depths of the Maine night I plunge - follow the sounds - follow the dogs (again). A glance of Milos just ahead. My lucky night - he lost the scent and is doubling back to pick it up. Instead I pick him up. At least he is contrite this time - goes willingly on the leash. No Sophie to be seen or heard, but she will find me -- I only worry about the skunk....
So, back to the trailer. UH OH -- flash the light ahead -trees, flash the light behind - trees, flash the light up -branches and stars. Listen - why didn't I have the radio on? silence.
That trailer has to be close, I only was on the hunt for about 10 minutes. But, which way? Do I have to wait for Dave and in embarassment call for him to direct me back?
Anything but that - these jaunts of mine with my dogs are becoming a great topic of fun and I don't want to add to the events.
So, head first into the trees with Milos in tow -- then, there is Sophie and she heads passively through the trees. I follow her and in just a few feet come out on our well trodden path.
Episode over -- wish I knew which friend we were trying to greet.... resting up - you never know when opportunity may knock:

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