Saturday, September 30, 2006

Chimney and Garage Door

It is starting to really look like a house - the chimney is complete and the garage door installed. I am enthralled with the chimney cap and haven't figured out what it really looks like though. The garage door is one of the better insulated models which meant there wasn't much color choice. We went with a sand which should blend in nicely.

Next week will see more of the plaster / wallboard crew. They have the board pretty much up (much of it is cement board as we are plastering alot). I need to do some documenting on that before they cover it all up.

Haven't had any strange visitors since the moose came by last week one day. The dogs went crazy in their pen and one of the workers looked down the lane and saw a bull moose over-looking the construction. I'll bet they wonder what in the world we are trying to accomplish. I took a couple of shots from his position and it is a nice view.
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Ryan said...

look'n good!