Friday, September 01, 2006

Interesting visit

Had an interesting day Wednesday - started with a helicopter hovering around the lot. It was black and obviously not a "life flight" waiting for a roofing accident, ha. After a time of speculation, Dave had to go to town for some errands and left the workers on site.

When he returned, it was to a lot of "ribbing" - seems that two ATV's arrived from the back of the lot down our trails. Now this isn't that unusual in rural Maine. But, the piles of marijuana that were strapped to their machines were!!

Yep, the DEA -- wondering who and where the landowner was. Now, I didn't see their haul -- but the reports are very large lush mature plants -- which had obviously been tended. The agents said they would be back, but we haven't seen them since. I kinda hope they do as we would like to know just where this "farming" was going on.... Perhaps those cars that drive up the lane and turn around aren't just young-love.

Maine - the way life oughta be.
Maine Medical Marijuana Act
(Approved 11/2/99)

Marijuana, locally grown and imported from Canada, Massachusetts, and New York, remains the primary drug of abuse in Maine. quote from

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Anonymous said...

haha.. ahh... I *knew* we were coming a week too late. hope it doesn't cause any problems.