Saturday, October 28, 2006

First Flush - and Tiling

We have had the first flush! and the slate and tile are being layed. Yesterday Ryan (who came for a few days) and Dave set the soaking tub. Since the plumber had been here this week, we now have a working bathroom. Today, Ryan is working on the wall which is tongue and groove. Dave is laying tile in the laundry room which will then be ready for setting the washer and dryer. I posted a couple of new pictures - check the Gallery and click on Last Uploads.

Today, is just one huge rain storm - as a matter of fact, there was just a flood warning on the radio for nearly all of Maine. We have had an extreme amount of rain this year - ugh.

If all goes well this week, we may be able to "take up residence" before my birthday.
Great present.

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