Saturday, November 11, 2006

Moved in - Update

November 11 - Veteran's Day and an update from the BettsBerm. We have been very busy the last two weeks - moved into the berm (short video of trailer), and therefore lost our internet connectivity. But, as of Friday we are back online and in contact with the world.

What has happened since our last posting - this will be a long one.
Outside - the siding is all in place except for one gable end - a pretty light gray which blends very well with the metal roof and the back garage. I will get some good shots later this week after the forecast rain. Today, Dave finished off the driveway with gravel and stone. That should make it cleaner and as soon as the siding is out of the garage, I will be able to park inside.

The kitchen - cabinets are in place and beautiful. Mid-Maine Furniture did a fantastic job - they are variegated hickory and the wood patterns are intriguing. I have posted some pictures in the Gallery. I also have the hardware now and later next week it should be mounted. I had to order the drawer pulls since I chose the old fashioned cupped pulls. The dishwasher is unpacked and the farmers sink in place for the plumber Monday. Tomorrow Dave and I hope to mount the oven hood although it won't be functional yet. The range needs to be connected by the propane company (electric oven and gas burners). We need to make a template for the slate countertops and get those ordered. We picked out the slab of slate when we got the sink.

The bathrooms - we have been soaking in the soaker-tub every night and the sink is in place (also awaiting the plumber). Dave has tiled the vanity top and the floor of the shower bath. That one is dark green slate with winter gray grout. We are searching for a slate sealer that won't yellow or hurt the stone but give it a little shine. Know of anything?

It's warm! The radiant heat is very comfortable and slowly drying out the dampness leftover from so much plaster and tiling. We are not holding the daily solar gain though and the furnace is running often. Of course, that will be helped when we finally get the insulation in the ceiling. We are also thinking of making use of some quilted window coverings in the evenings to hold heat inside. I am doing some research on those.

Next decisions: door styles, floors in living room, study and bedrooms, and the wall between the back splash and cupboards in the kitchen.

Guess that is it for tonight - please check out the Gallery. I will try to be more prompt on future pictures and postings.
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