Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We can cook

Goodbye soup and microwave pizzas -- The range is in place and the cabinet knobs all mounted. I discovered that the bottom drawer in our dual fuel range (gas top and electric oven) is actually a warming drawer! That will take some testing. The only thing left in the kitchen is the countertops and backsplash area. We are still planning on slate (mottled purple) for this. I do like the combination. There are a few more pictures here in the Gallery.

You can see the brown tile on the alcove shot - it seems to blend very nicely with the hickory and black appliances. I believe we have a winner there.

Most of our dishes are now unpacked and loaded. I still have all the sideboard things, but we won't be unpacking those until the dining room floor is done.

So - moving on.

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