Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Watch that thermometer

Since we blew in all that insulation - wonder how we are doing? Today was the first day the furnace came on for the radiant heat zones! Impressive. We haven't had extremely cold weather, but it has gotten into the high 20s at night and we are cozy here in the berm.

All it takes is a bit of sun during the day and those thermostats jump right up to the 80 mark. I can see where we may be running around in shorts if we have a sunny week this winter. But - no complaints from me.

We do notice that when the temp does begin to drop, it slows down as it approaches around 68 degrees and then stays fairly stable for 6 - 8 hours. There is one more bit of insulation to install which will wait until next Spring. We need to put the styrofoam from the outside walls out and cover it with stone. I believe it goes out 6 - 8 feet. It is quite a process, but looks to be well worth the effort. I will update occassionally as the weather chills.

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