Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Asheville Adventures with Monster Milos - Episode 3

The Big Day - Saturday
Its morning and he will show in the Novice Class.
I drove him down to the arena (indoor soccer fields) in the van. It wasn't hot - as a matter of fact, it looks like rain - we hear there is a major Northeaster on the way. I walked him around using some of the techniques that everyone has been advising. He does respond better, but is a long way from being able to go with me into the ring. We nearly scared the hair off one young leo when they unexpectedly appeared behind a car. I had no idea what I had on my hands - there is going to need to be major changes in our methods of training when we return to Maine.

I brush him out in the van as the show begins and the Youth classes finish - Novice is next. On with the collar and leash and into the arena - Hup, Two - I scoot him past the other dogs with minor snarls and hand him off to the brave handler. Then I must disappear since we decided it would be best for him to not be able to see me or David (or smell Sophie). I had promised to help prepare his dogs for the next classes. He is off to the ring.....

About 10 minutes into the judging (Swedish judge - Petra Junehall ), chaos! Dogfight - my stomach drops to the floor. It must be the testosterone-boy. I am devastated - but, NO! Here comes a friend with the news that it isn't Milos at all, but two others. He is just standing there looking astounded and being calm as can be. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It was a long class with several other growls, but he showed very well. Took third place, too. (the winner of his class actually took Best of Show - so the competition was stiff).

What does it mean? He isn't the problem (other than being a teenager) - We are.

Relief - we are having dinner with my cousin who resides just outside of Asheville. Very nice to get away and to see them if even for a short time. Tomorrow we head into the storm.

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