Saturday, April 07, 2007

Back in the ring

It is Spring on the calendar - although not necessarily out the window as reported earlier. Spring means dog shows for Milos - this year's leonberger national is in Asheville, NC and we are making a family trip out of it. Leonbergers are now in the process of becoming AKC (a long story that I won't give my opinion on) - and the breed specialties are probably in for a change. It is nice that this year is on the eastern side of the Mississippi. So, we are on the road this week. I have a first cousin living in the area and hope to see him. Living in Maine, keeps us away from reunions way too often.

Milos is entered in Novice, but I really go for the friendship and festivities. The New England Regionals are in CT - early May. I have made reservations, but am not certain I will make the trip. We'll see.

What's up with the house? The weather has us back to building fires in the Tulikivi - cozy. The tile are all in for completing the walk-in shower. Now, to decide on the type of wood for the ceiling - anyone with suggestions? please click comment below.

I think we may begin some work with wood and put the rest of the floors on hold. We'll see - there is also the need for a fence around the front. I hope to not need to make the trek to the dog pen next winter (not my favorite part of a Maine winter) - but Milos is too much of a wanderer (he like to chase everything including the wind).

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