Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Asheville Adventures with Monster Milos - Episode 2

It's Friday morning - one more day before Milos is scheduled for the ring. At least we got a decent nights sleep until about 5:30 before the whining began.
The day's Plan - Walk the "boy" to the show venue and work with him to obtain something that resembles control.

The day's Reality - HELP - I need Cesar Milan! I walked him around a fairly open area, but if anything larger than a beagle came by (pretty much covers all 200 dogs present), alarms were raised. I had to leave as he disturbed the obedience trials - how very very embarrassing!

One of the main reasons for this trip was to have Milos evaluated for Breeding. The LCA performs a total BACL (A BACL is a Breeding Acceptability Check List Evaluation. It is a tool the LCA uses to give your dog a rating based on twelve areas including health, conformation, and temperament. The dogs are given a rating based on their score. This rating, and the detailed feedback is used by breeders to select a dog that compliments the bitch for the betterment of the breed.) If interested, you can see the Instructions for a BACL.
We did get this completed and as soon as I submit his pictures, he will be finished with that process.

The evening ended with a great meal followed by a Memorial video of the dogs we have lost this year, and a Therapy Parade which Sophie took part in. She received a "Share the Love" certificate and was a very proud gal.
This year Sophie turned 8 which makes her a Veteran already also.

We may have a solution for Monster Milos - another owner has volunteered to take him into the ring. David S. is a great handler and understands that Milos just doesn't respect us as his Alphas enough to respond in the ring.
Tomorrow is the Big Day - if he does well, we will know that the monster was made by us and not by his DNA!

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