Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Asheville Adventures with Monster Milos - Episode 4

The trip home - weather forecasts continue to be for a huge Northeaster. Packing up in the morning, we took off on our 20 hour trek back to the north country. Probably the scenery was just as nice as on the route down, but we couldn't tell you. Fog, sleet, rain and WIND pretty well camouflaged it for us. We plowed on, getting soaked at each potty stop and marveling over the gusts that waved the van around the road.
Mid-morning we passed Blacksburg, VA with no inkling of what was about to happen there in the near future. On we plowed until the weather really got ugly and we really got hungry about 1/2 way through the corner of NY. So, we pulled over at a truck stop and called our daughter-in-law for a weather report while grabbing a bite. "Snow and freezing rain" -- better get a room.
So, we stayed at a Motel 8 - great, except for the 3rd floor room and the shaky elevator. First trip - no problem, all four into the little box. Milos wasn't thrilled at the slippery tile floor, but Sophie was with him.

Then the door slides shut and the box jolts to a start! PANIC! The world is coming to an end and we are stuck in this little box! Bounces to a halt and we are released into a hallway. WHEW! Everyone (canine and human) was exhausted and hit the beds (the dogs each had a chicken leg that I had sneaked out of the truckstop in a napkin - both must be losing weight).

Next morning around 6 am, they can hold it no longer. Up, on with the sweats - a peek out the window shows more downpours - on with the boots, the raincoat. Trotting off and all is well with the world... until....
Mom wants us in that dangerous box again - NO WAY! Sophie hesitantly gets in the elevator. Milos bulks. I am holding the door which is trying its best to close. Coax Milos onto his feet and he starts in, but wait - Sophie bounces back out and that puts a stop to any progress. Deep breath -- by now both are dancing around wondering why we are messing with this stupid machine instead of finding a nice wet grassy area.
Another method - I go in and firmly state: "Gotta go? Come on". Mother nature's call overcomes the anxiety and they both come in. Door closes - Down we go.

When they were thoroughly soaked, but empty - I put them into the van - and went back upstairs to get ready for the final leg of our journey.

We stopped in Wells (our old hometown) for lunch -- flooded roads and wind damage. Up the turnpike (closed to trucks due to the wind which was measured at 74 mph) and home. We were able to get up the slush on the drive thank goodness.

We had some minor damage - one of the solatubes broke from ice expansion. Dave has it covered with a bucket and plastic until the weather breaks and we can get it fixed. He had just mentioned that we needed to put up a weather / snow break above each of those before next winter. It is always the last storms that get you.

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