Wednesday, May 31, 2006

counters and tubs

Slatea natural Maine product.

I had always thought my final countertops would be made of granite (also a Maine product). However, Dave thinks it just looks to “hard” and commercial. So, we have been investigating soapstone to match the Tulikivi. But, I just came across something that I really like – slate!!!!!!!!

It is extracted just an hour or so from our lot and looks very interesting. Check out:

We are also on the lookout for my bathtub – I plan on soaking away the years eventually (and pounds??). This place looks interesting:

The plan is to take Friday off – rain is forecast, so it shouldn't hold Dave back on any work. Off we go to checkout slate and tubs. I'll let you know if we finalize any selections.

BTW – still no phone or internet and the walls are postponed until next week. We still have electricity and footers though.


Ryan said...

The slate is really pretty; I like it better than granite. I agree with dad - granite can look so hard. I wonder how difficult it would be to keep the slate clean - especially in a sink with soaps and oils? I know some friends had granite counter tops and they would tend to mark a little from glasses, wine drips, etc.; they often covered them for parties. Although they did get less parnoid about as time went by - so maybe it is just a natural patina?

I like this style of bathtub:

(rain here too)

Anonymous said...


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